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Orville “Sonny” White 1/23
RW Randy Aldridge 2/17
PM Oliver Carpenter 2/24
PM Charles Witcher 2/17
James Witcher 2/17
PM Helvio Napoleao 3/17
PM Tom Leach 5/18
Bill Getty 7/16
PM Robert Latimer 9/16

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All Brothers are asked to support this endeavor, no matter whether you're receiving the Trestle Board by email or not.  Postage is a LARGE factor in publishing our Trestle Board. Anything we can do to help defray our Lodge's expenditures will be greatly appreciated.



Sickness & Distress

please keep the following in your prayers:

Bro. Maston Harry

We want to raise money for our Lodge?

Brothers, we are always looking for ways to raise money for our Lodge. If you can think of an activity that we can hold or sponsor that would help increase our Lodge funds then by all means get your ideas to one of the Officers in the Lodge or bring it up during a Stated Communication. We would love to hear from you, so if you think of something let us know.

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Open Trestle Board for Anniversaries as Master Masons