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Page Information on Page

  • Welcome Letter from WM
  • Current Events Calendar for our Lodge
Work We Do

  • Child ID Program
  • Alta Vista Elementary School Class Sponsorship

Map to Lodge

  • Map/Directions to our Lodge
  • Address to Tuscan No. 6 in Bartow
  • Address to Lakeland No. 91 in Lakeland
  • Address to Winter Haven No. 186 in Winter Haven
  • Address to Corinthian No. 191 in Mulberry
  • Address to Southland No. 256 in Lakeland
  • Address to Kathleen No. 338 in Lakeland
  • Address to Travelers No. 390 in Lake Alfred
Our History

  • How Haines City Lodge No. 219 began
  • History of our Building
District Calendar

  • Current Monthly District Calendar
  • Downloadable .PDF of District Calendar
Lodge Officers
  • List/Picture of Lodge Officers
#219's DDGM's

  • Listing of Haines City Lodge No. 219 members who have been District Deputy Grand Master
  • Proposed 2015 District Deputy Grand Master Lodge Visitation Schedule
Trestle Board

  • Masonic Education article
  • List of Haines City members having a birthday this month
  • List of Haines City members who's anniversary of becoming a Master Mason is this month
Master & Wardens

  • List of Master & Warden Officers
  • List of each Lodge in the 24th District, with address/contact info on their Lodge, Worshipful Master and Secretary
  • List of Past Presidents of M&W
  • List of Past Grand Masters of 24th District
  • Current Masters and Wardens Meeting Schedule
School of Instruction
  • Current Calendar for School of Instructions
Past Masters

  • List of our past Worshipful Masters
What's a Freemason?

  • Brief History of Freemasonry
  • Frequently Ask Questions about Freemasons/Freemasonry
Photo Gallery

  • Pictures taken of new brothers, at events, etc
To Be One Ask One

  • Process on how to become a Freemason
  • Downloadable .PDF of Florida Masonic Petition
Famous Masons

  • List of Famous Masons divided into categories
  • List of Famous People who are thought to be Masons but aren't
Eastern Star

  • What is the Order of the Eastern Star?
  • Eastern Star Membership Information
  • Brief History of the Order of Eastern Star
Rainbow Girls

  • Who are the Rainbow Girls?
  • Frequently Asked Question about the Rainbow Girls
Masonic Links

  • Miscellanous Links to Masonic Information
Contact Us

  • Form to Contact Us
  • Form to Subscribe to our Trestleboard


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