To Be One Ask One

To become a good and bright Mason, it is necessary that a Man be of sound mind and retentive memory. There are three symbolic degrees to learn in becoming a Mason. Those degrees represent lessons of Masonry.

  • Entered Apprentice (EA) - beginner

  • Fellowcraft (FC) - intermediate

  • Master Mason (MM) - expert

Men of the age of 21 (18 in the state of FL) or older who...

  • Believe in the existance of one ever-living and true God.
  • Have never plead quilty or been convicted of any crime.
  • Do not believe in the overthrow of the government which they live by force or infiltration or has been a member of an organization who advocates the same.

Freemasonry will also entail certain financial obligations which you should be able to discharge without detriment to yourself or those dependent on you. In addition to the fees payable on your entrance, there will be annual dues for the support of your Lodge.


To be one, ask one! Simply ask a Mason and he will help you begin the process. Remember this important rule...


The steps include:

  1. First you must petition the Lodge of your choice.

    Click HERE to download a Florida Masonic Petition in Adobe Acrobat file format (.PDF) (NOTE: Petition is printed on 14" x 8-1/2" paper).

    For a complete listing of Florida Lodges in your county, go to the Grand Lodge website, select Lodge Locator, select Lodge County and type your county name in the search field box.

    Ask someone you know who is a Mason in the Lodge you wish to become a member of and ask him to sponsor you into the fraternity.

    Have three references who know you to be of good morals and strong character.

  2. Your petition is read in Lodge, the members vote on its acceptance and an Investigation Committee is formed. A nominal entrance fee must accompany the petition; this will vary from Lodge to Lodge.

  3. The Investigation Committee will contact you and your family to meet, go over your petition and ask questions of your character.

  4. Approximately one month from the time your petition is accepted, the report of the Investigation Committee and your references, will be read in Lodge, and then the Craft will ballot on final acceptance.

The Final Ballot Was Favorable:

  1. You will then be invited to attend Lodge and be initiated an Entered Apprentice.

  2. The Lodge will appoint an instructor who will teach you the meaning of the degree you have gone through. After successfully presenting your proficiency, you advance to the Fellowcraft Degree and so on until you have completed all three degrees and have attained the sublime degree of Master Mason.

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This presentation was developed by W∴ Tim Bryce, PM, Zone 6 Chairman of Publicity & Public Relations, a member of Sutherland Lodge No. 174 F.& A.M. (Palm Harbor, FL), and plural membership of East Gate Lodge No. 355 F.& A.M. (Palm Harbor, FL). Some of the material in the presentation was extracted from other presentations developed by W∴ Tony Rhoades, PM, PDI of Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252 F.& A.M. (Safety Harbor, FL), W∴ Ralph Vaughan, PM of Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291 F.& A.M. (Madeira, FL), and the Grand Lodge of Florida.

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